Enjoy the lizards in Tai Po Kau Reserve. They will allow you to get very close when approaching slowly. (The cobra will also allow you to get close, so watch your steps - I was only 20cm from the snake and got a nice warning from it, but too shocked to get a photo).

More photos on Post edited by: steenheilesen, at: 2006/04/16 07:23 - also more of Steen's photos in Gallery on this site (Tai Po Kau Wildlife photos)

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I liked the first one... really..Got the guts ...Was that specially posed for you... cheers

Many of those changeable lizards you can approach and almost kiss them if you do it slowly. They believe in their camouflage. I guess the open mouth was because of the heat.

i saw one have been god..

Hi Moonmoon:
Welcome to HK Outdoors; tho a rather sad first post - hope that it was accidentally trampled.
Hope, too, you have better sightings/reports in future!