Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park Blacktip Shark

From AFCD 30th August 2007 I am writing to inform you that a fisher (with fishing permit) fished a shark near the WWF MLC in HHW this morning. The shark was dead when he retrieved the net. AFCD obtained the specimen which was identified as a Blacktip Shark. Length and weight was about 1.04 m and 7.3 kg respectively. AFCD
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Thanks, Charlie; saw the SCM Post news item on this - in which AFCD quoted as saying this shark belongs to family w species known to attack humans (great white, tiger sharks); but you said this species isn't one that goes for people - plus noting fishing shouldn't be allowed in marine park.

Sharks should be part of our marine ecosystem; especially if species that don't occasionally take a bite of human, should be something to be happy about - as plenty of other places worldwide seem ok with, even happy about, having sharks around. Albeit I don't mean "happy" in negative way - like being able to chop their fins off and sell em!