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Tai Po Kau Forest Reserve

Info from Hong Kong’s Great Outdoors

Excellent trail system, through regenerating sub-tropical forest. The blue and red trails are shorter, initially running close to a stream; the yellow and brown trails climb higher. One of Hong Kong’s best birding sites.

From Shatin, take bus 72 from Shatin New Town Plaza (near KCR station), or taxi from KCR East Rail Tai Po Market Station.

Tai Po Kau article on this site

Tai Po Kau Forest Nature Reserve gives an overview, info on colonisation by birds, and briefly outlines trails. 

Tai Po Kau Forest Reserve is part of a longer article on HK forests. 


Tai Po Kau articles/photo albums elsewhere on the Internet

Tai Po Kau Special Area has info, especially re vegetation and wildlife.

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