Giant centipede on Cheung Chau

giant centipede on Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Giant centipedes (Scolopendra multidens / S. dehanni) are surely Hong Kong's ultimate creepy-crawlies: not only do they look spooky, and grow to 13cm long, they run fast and pack venom they inject through fangs. Though I've heard that one can kill a baby, I haven't heard such a horrible tale; instead, seems they hunt small creatures like cockroaches (maybe lizards etc), and bite people only in self defence or when happen to run across them.

- mind you, I've been bitten three times; on two occasions later heading to hospital as swelling and some pain from allergic reaction. Each time, was in bed in former flat on Cheung Chau, Hong Kong - where these centipedes are pretty common, and seem especially active in mid to late spring.

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