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Taking Hong Kong landscape photos come rain or shine

Even if you don’t travel outside Hong Kong, your photos have to be much the same, week after week, day after day after day. Shooting from the same spot, it’s possible to take highly contrasting photos, such as by heading…

Cheung Chau PhotoExplorer

On the Cheung Chau PhotoExplorer, resident and expert photographer Martin Williams will guide you around the village, along coastal trails, and to side trails even few locals know.

Hong Kong Night Hiking is Far More Than a Walk in the Dark

As increasing numbers of people are discovering, night hiking may seem a little spooky, but there are rewards a-plenty, including tranquillity, scintillating scenes, respite from daytime heat, fitting in with busy work schedules, and – for some – encounters with snakes.

HK Mountain Biking

Due to the HK Mountain Bike Association several trails have been opened to the public. We do have some excellent trails in Hong Kong, in every corner of the territory. Please check the HKMBA site for maps and details. Most…

Hong Kong weather and hiking


Hong Kong’s climate is sub-tropical, with a hot, steamy summer eventually yielding to a drier, warm to hot autumn, then sometimes cool winter, and the swiftly warming, sometimes rainy spring. There are two major monsoons, with fairly consistent winds: the…