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A Brief History of Hong Kong Sustainability Innovation

I recently received an email asking about the track record of innovation in sustainability in Hong Kong. “Sorry, can’t be too helpful here I think,” I replied. “Our track record of innovation in sustainability is probably terrible.” But the email did…

Plasma arc waste incineration viable for Hong Kong

‘Science fiction’ waste solution a real option  Plasma arc incineration is a forward-looking and realistic alternative to landfills, and won’t generate the toxic emissions associated with burning waste [updating a little, Aug 2022: still seems a concept, not proven in…

Hong Kong’s Dangerous Air

The Hong Kong Government seems to be downplaying or misinformed about the health impacts of our air pollution, Chief Executive Donald Tsang has even said: “It is a question of visibility.”

Cleaning Indoor Air

Possible ways to clean indoor air a little. Prompted partly by reading info such as: ‘According to an article in “Heart,” the journal of the British Cardiac Society: “Epidemiology has clearly shown a link between increases in particulate air pollution…

HKZM bridge pollution

Perhaps bridge proponents could explain just why Hong Kong should contribute to the project, and so help push our air pollution from very bad to even worse.

HK Love It Trash It

Right, let’s pretend I’m Steve Ballmer, barmy sales chief of Microsoft (Steve Who? … Steve Batty Ballmer goes iPod). Excuse me while I leap and dance around and whoop and scream for a few minutes. WOO! YEAH! WOOOO-OOOH! YEAH! YEEEEEEEE!…

Hong Kong Air Pollution

It's not new in Hong Kong that vehicles emit particulates, factories and power stations pump out noxious fumes. So what happens? Not much really; plenty of hand-wringing, sorry comments from officials that there isn't much we can do.

Zhuhai to Hong Kong bridge

For the planned Zhuhai bridge, the governments involved should evaluate the environmental sustainability of accelerating development of the western Pearl River Delta (PRD) and only allow the bridge to go ahead when we have identified air pollution offsets elsewhere.