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Biodiversity and Hong Kong city parks

I was recently among a small group of people from Living Cheung Chau and the Association for a Beautiful Hong Kong who visited an urban park in north Cheung Chau together with a team from the Leisure and Cultural Services…

Save Lung Mei Save Ourselves

lung mei

With unglamorous Lung Mei on shore of Tolo Harbour such a centre of attention, it is worth considering just what “nature conservation” means.

Hong Kong Countryside Needs You!

Grassroots support for conservation is building, and surely now ahead of the government, and especially developers who too often seem out of touch with our changing society

Sparrows the scapegoats for H5N1 in chicken farm

Why is it microbiologists seem so ignorant of evolution and so forth? Too many seem to treat viruses as chemicals, not lifeforms subject to evolution. Ah, isn’t ignorance bliss, especially when you’re an “expert”. Today’s (6 Jan 2009) South China…

WWF Hong Kong Save Our Seas video and petition

WWF Hong Kong has launched a Save Our Seas campaign, aimed at combatting over-fishing. Just produced a short video, filmed by Hong Kong Outdoors contributor Charles Frew. You can watch the video online, including on YouTube: WWF Hong Kong SOS…