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Cleaning Indoor Air

Possible ways to clean indoor air a little. Prompted partly by reading info such as: ‘According to an article in “Heart,” the journal of the British Cardiac Society: “Epidemiology has clearly shown a link between increases in particulate air pollution…

Rural hostels

Visitor accommodation in village houses just might prove a viable alternative to having some of our finest areas threatened by schemes that may reap financial rewards for some people, but leave Hong Kong’s wildlife and scenery the poorer.


Every year, Hong Kong’s hillsides are afflicted by fires, especially in late autumn and winter.

Beautiful Lantau n concrete

Two maps highlighting the beauty of Lantau Island, and potential projects - along with links to more info, including on great places to visit.

HKZM bridge pollution

Perhaps bridge proponents could explain just why Hong Kong should contribute to the project, and so help push our air pollution from very bad to even worse.

Legco Lantau

Introduction to written submission regarding the Hong Kong government's Concept Plan for Lantau.

Rockit 2005

Hong Kong’s Rockit Music Festival just on in Victoria Park, Causeway Bay. Though only a couple of international bands this year (one a rapper with band – Princess Superstar; the other UK rock group Feeder), still a fun weekend –…

Great White Shark Culling?

Perhaps one other alternative we haven't considered is actually banning marine users from the favoured feeding areas of Great White Sharks. 

HK Rural Tourism

I've long felt that at least a handful of Hong Kong's better villages should be preserved; tourism seems a possible way of supporting this.