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A Brief History of Hong Kong Sustainability Innovation

I recently received an email asking about the track record of innovation in sustainability in Hong Kong. “Sorry, can’t be too helpful here I think,” I replied. “Our track record of innovation in sustainability is probably terrible.” But the email did…

Hong Kong style ecotourism weird n rather sad

Tung Ping Chau is one of my favourite places in Hong Kong. But while I enjoyed the scenery during a recent visit – such as mudstone cliffs and crags, beaches, and quiet hamlets amidst woodland – there was sadness too.            …

Save Lung Mei Save Ourselves

lung mei

With unglamorous Lung Mei on shore of Tolo Harbour such a centre of attention, it is worth considering just what “nature conservation” means.

Hong Kong Countryside Needs You!

Grassroots support for conservation is building, and surely now ahead of the government, and especially developers who too often seem out of touch with our changing society

Hong Kong should treasure Tung Chung Bay

Tung Chung Bay, north Lantau, is in an area that has featured in China’s history, and is rich in biodiversity – yet will be devastated by expansion of Tung Chung town. 香港應珍惜東涌灣 [see below] There’s a wonderful wetland on the…

Plasma arc waste incineration viable for Hong Kong

‘Science fiction’ waste solution a real option  Plasma arc incineration is a forward-looking and realistic alternative to landfills, and won’t generate the toxic emissions associated with burning waste [updating a little, Aug 2022: still seems a concept, not proven in…