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Proposal for Specialised Tour Guide Licence in Hong Kong

Here’s something I wrote recently, at request of Coalition for Sustainable Tourism. Came after some years railing against batty local regulations, that mean officially can’t accept freelance tour guides in Hong Kong. A Proposal for Fostering Ecotourism in Hong Kong,…

Sparrows the scapegoats for H5N1 in chicken farm

Why is it microbiologists seem so ignorant of evolution and so forth? Too many seem to treat viruses as chemicals, not lifeforms subject to evolution. Ah, isn’t ignorance bliss, especially when you’re an “expert”. Today’s (6 Jan 2009) South China…

Hong Kong’s Dangerous Air

The Hong Kong Government seems to be downplaying or misinformed about the health impacts of our air pollution, Chief Executive Donald Tsang has even said: “It is a question of visibility.”

Hong Kong Wetland Park Weird but not Wonderful

hk wetland park theatre

Hong Kong Wetland Park is a curious place – habitats small and visitor centre immense. I headed to the Hong Kong Wetland Park a few days ago, for my first visit since it fully opened. It’s a place I’ve long…

WWF Hong Kong Save Our Seas video and petition

WWF Hong Kong has launched a Save Our Seas campaign, aimed at combatting over-fishing. Just produced a short video, filmed by Hong Kong Outdoors contributor Charles Frew. You can watch the video online, including on YouTube: WWF Hong Kong SOS…

HKU Climate Workshop

Back from Day 2 (of 2) of the workshop at the University of Hong Kong – and, for me, a marked improvement on yesterday afternoon, when I thought we mostly got lost in the models. Some good info today; inc…

Cleaning Indoor Air

Possible ways to clean indoor air a little. Prompted partly by reading info such as: ‘According to an article in “Heart,” the journal of the British Cardiac Society: “Epidemiology has clearly shown a link between increases in particulate air pollution…

Rural hostels

Visitor accommodation in village houses just might prove a viable alternative to having some of our finest areas threatened by schemes that may reap financial rewards for some people, but leave Hong Kong’s wildlife and scenery the poorer.


Every year, Hong Kong’s hillsides are afflicted by fires, especially in late autumn and winter.

Beautiful Lantau n concrete

Two maps highlighting the beauty of Lantau Island, and potential projects - along with links to more info, including on great places to visit.

HKZM bridge pollution

Perhaps bridge proponents could explain just why Hong Kong should contribute to the project, and so help push our air pollution from very bad to even worse.