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Rat Snakes wrestling

On Cheung Chau one afternoon, saw two big Rat Snakes wrestling. Also known as a “dance”, this is combat between two male snakes, fighting over breeding rights They rear up, push against each other, twist and push – in this…

Top Ten Hong Kong birds

Here’s a definitive list of the top ten Hong Kong birds.(Well, ok, this is subjective; but ten top species for sure.) Criteria include global status, appearance, relationship to Hong Kong – perhaps readily seen and familiar, maybe rare worldwide but…

Beginning birdwatching in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an excellent place for birdwatching. Here, you can find global rarities that are tough to see elsewhere, encounter stunning songbirds, watch seabirds blasted inshore by typhoons (yes, typhoons – birdwatchers do far sillier things than just lurk…

Hong Kong Forests

Though there are places where wildlife is on the rebound, none is any more than a shadow of Hong Kong's forests past.

Hong Kong Sharks

Hong Kong once had a shark fishery indicating at least they were at one stage abundant, and why perhaps they are now locally extinct.