Reply To: Sham Chung: crisis, or opportunity?


Good to learn of such a grand eco-survey; so much enthusiasm generated.

Too bad there was no such grand survey before the abandoned rice fields were trashed; David Dudgeon rated the area of old fields/streams as (I believe) the second best freshwater wetland in Hong Kong. Sadly, pretty close to zero birding here that I know of, before the fields were destroyed.

I’ve done some birding there; found the “golf course” thing almost sterile bird-wise. A smattering of wetland birds, inc Pied Kingfisher. Some woodland birds in surrounding woods (would you believe?) – my best being a Ferruginous Flycatcher.

mid-May is late to start on bird work; tho I did a day or so in mid-summer I think.

Who knows with SHK: might be hard to come up with scheme to make loads of money from Sham Chung, so maybe something that promises at least some return, coupled with (let’s be hopeful here!) plaudits from greenies might be of interest.

What of the pier?
After SCM Post reported on villages getting water supplies costing millions of dollars, yet no one connecting to the supplies, and hardly anyone living in these villages anyway, may be more scope for trying to stop the new pier project on basis of it being a big, silly waste of money.
Instead, could use the cash to buy fancy city apartments for the two or three residents of Sham Chung (can’t be many more, if that). Or, would be way better if could just buy some of the land, for improvement and safeguarding.