Reply To: Eco-tourism stifled in Hong Kong


Dear Martin,

Please don’t be discouraged withthe eco-tourism business. I will be looking for people who can operate eco-tourism from a number of locations in Saikung and Taipo, hopefully soon. My principals own the land and should qualify if need to get a Travel Agent Lic. Sustainable Development for Conservation as well as Sustainable Tourism have been adopted underlying values of the projects. I am trying to turn green and hope to turn developers green too, so to speak. We have conceived sustainable development concepts and are conducting eco-surveys on some sites. The project are a bit raw at this stage for stakeholder consultation because we are still trying to get it right. We have approached the Tourism Commission to indicate our interest and resources. So far, they have given polite acknowledgement. When they ae ready, I foresee easier development of eco-tourism which would be in a comprehensive manner.