Reply To: Eco-tourism stifled in Hong Kong


I don’t believe land owners and villagers who really try to "embrace Sustainable Development and Eco-cultural Tourism" will be scared away; nor that there is sheer militancy and emotive knee-jerk opposition. Indeed, if they really try to embrace such priniciples, they will be welcomed by all who care about Hong Kong’s environment. – If you have evidence to the contrary, please share it with us. You err, too, in offhand dismissal of colonist past. This is far too simplistic a view; notions that there was any prevailing view preference here "to see natives poor, backward and cute for tourism" are preposterous. (Or, again, do you have evidence of this?) – I’ve seen many local people who I would love to see earn more money from tourism, both from Hong Kong people and from overseas tourists. I too would like to see more discussion of developing tourism. You have written of plans; what are these, maybe we can discuss – could be great for the STTF (Sustainable Tourism Taskforce, to anyone reading who doesn’t know) conference. If you, too, are open to discussion. The Superprison will impact tourism to the western islands, including Cheung Chau, where I live. The Living Islands Movement, main advocate against the prison plans, is indeed recommending Community Based Tourism – as you heard Eric Spain mention yesterday, and as you can read in an article by Jonathan and Eric elsewhere on this site. (Hmm, maybe some problem in accessing this and other articles; hope that’s temporary as otherwise not sure how to fix it!!)