Reply To: Eco-tourism stifled in Hong Kong


Hi Richard:

Sadly, zero change that I’m aware of.

Lately sent out email to various people, inc Travel Industry Council, bemoaning regulations I think could fossilise travel industry here (as small players will be discouraged; tougher to open business that may be risky, so I suspect will just see companies play it safe, mostly with same old same old).

Email in reply from TIC, w figures showing nos travel agents stable, maybe up a little; and getting newcomers. But, figures say nothing re how many of these newbies are interesting companies, set to offer novel travel products (and how many are geared towards taking mainland tourists to the Peak, Bauhinia Square [haha], gold shops and factory outlets).

Maybe HK Tourism Board shifting a little towards more promotion of greener side of HK; but I haven’t noticed this really impacting HK image promotions (to outside world – and much of HK – this is little but a city with shopping and dining).
Against which, Lantau plans show govt has near zip notions re sustainable development, seems to imagine that can have lots of concrete and eco-tourism too (are eco-tourists such blind fools I wonder?)

Anyway, gotta keep on giving it a go; away from bureaucracies (and even within, in a few cases), are people trying for more diverse tourism here – and HK certainly has the natural setting to support this.