South China Morning Post article, April 2006 (sadly, not linkable as must be scmp subscriber to view articles), included:

A new battle in the hostilities between environmentalists and Sun
Hung Kai Properties is looming over Sham Chung, one of Hong Kong’s most
precious wetlands.

Five green groups have sent submissions to the Town Planning Board,
in which they demand more stringent measures to protect the Sai Kung
wetlands from irreparable damage.

They are Green Power, the Conservancy Association, WWF Hong Kong,
Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden and the Eco-Education and Resources

They are going head-to-head with Land Bright Development and Land
Honest Development, two subsidiaries of Sun Hung Kai Properties.

The companies [sic] are urging the board to permit an 8.39 hectare spa
resort project and make more land available for a housing development.

If the property giant’s proposal is approved, there will be a resort
hotel, houses, a helicopter landing pad and private clubs at Sham Chung.

Gotta hope the green groups’ views are heard.
A helicopter pad etc etc, for goodness sake!