Reply To: Hong Kong suffers Chronic Air Pollution


Bizarre; just checked at: – and still blank since around 7pm on Sunday. Hopefully just temporary glitch. There’s no note on EPD website. Sunday China Morning Post – sadly unlinkable – led with big story on air pollution yesterday, inc criticisms of govt for not measuring the smaller particulates, which recent research eslewhere has shown to be more dangerous than previously thought, especially impacted children. Showed how our air pollution would be consistently way over European Union Standards. Suggested breathing here is roughly equivalant to smoking eight cigarettes a day. Govt has anti-smoking adverts. Maybe soon should also have adverts saying, "Warning: Breathing Can Damage Your Health". Google News search for air pollution particulates yields items inc re air pollution linked to increased risk of heart attack and lower sperm quality; also news item titled Heat dangers forgotten in the battle against air pollution – saying some deaths thought to be due to ozone were really because of heat. People over 65 most at risks; and heat related deaths even in UK.