Reply To: Hong Kong suffers Chronic Air Pollution


Again some international coverage of air pollution in Hong Kong, this time on Reuters Alertnet. Maybe some day the govt will decide to really act, rather than talk; or maybe will stick to telling us of InAction Blue Sky, and boasting of improving air quality when get clean breezes from over S China Sea (even though at same time, urban air quality still poor/bad along streets).

Hong Kong’s air pollution is making it more difficult for companies to attract foreign staff to the territory, a survey released on Sunday by the city’s American Chamber of Commerce shows. In the survey, which covered responses from 89 chamber members, 51 percent of respondents said they had experienced difficulty recruiting professionals to come and work in Hong Kong and 70 percent said they knew of professionals who had declined to work in the territory because of the poor quality of the environment. Given the deteriorating air quality, 57 percent of survey respondents indicated their companies were likely in future to invest more money elsewhere instead of Hong Kong.

HK pollution problem deters expats – AmCham You can download pdf file of the seven-page report from: Environment Survey Report