Reply To: Lantau plans – an email to govt


from Clive Noffke, of Green Lantau Association:

Thanks for forwarding that. Indeed it is the new Tung Chung Rd alignment (Country Park section) that your correspondent saw. The JV building the road has set up a website for the EM&A report (which I monitor). It contains a description of the project, the alignment, and the current (monthly) state of play.

The Country park section was agreed by my predecessors in GLA who felt that the government arguments for going off-line (essentially achieving a gradient of no more than 15 degrees) were incontestable. The EP is very stringent however, and EM&A report at 190 pages (each month!), is testimony as to how stringent it is. I have walked the alignment with the Project Manager in February, and felt they were really trying their best. Regards Clive