Reply To: Hong Kong Disneyland shark fin soup controversy


SCM Post this morning reports that Disney is defiant over shark’s fin soup issue; spokeswoman quoted as saying:

Hong Kong Disneyland takes environmental stewardship very seriously and we are equally sensitive to the local cultures. It is customary for Chinese restaurants and five-star hotels to serve shark’s fin soup in Hong Kong, as the dish is considered an integral part of Chinese banquets. At Hong Kong Disneyland, shark’s fin soup will only be served to our guests at private functions on special request.

So, how does taking environmental stewardship very seriously square with serving a soup made from the fins of threatened species (many sharks are in decline) – which are cut from the living animals, which are tossed back into the water to die horrible deaths? (A friend who’s a wildlife cameraman told me of diving in Galapagos, and seeing two sharks that had just had fins cut off swimming in circles round bottom of a bay; with no fins, they can’t control movement, so will die.) Instead of sensitivity, smacks of callous corporate greed. Yes, many restaurants do serve this soup in HK – I believe they’re very wrong too. But from company espousing family friendly image, making films including Shark Tale, and involved in Finding Nemo, shouldn’t we expect something better – some corporate courage, perhaps? For more re shark’s fin soup and conservation, see The Great Shark Fin Debate from South China Diving Club, and WildAid’s Shark Campaign.