Reply To: Hong Kong Disneyland shark fin soup controversy


Disney is among backers of a project to try and solve Africa’s bushmeat crisis, which is surely based on local traditions (albeit much now illegal): Then, says Disney’s website:

The Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund helps ensure the survival of wildlife and wild places in all their beauty and diversity.

Disney is also among sponsors of World Widlife Fund (in US) Windows on the Wild education program;

In recent years, WOW programs have included: … seminars to help consumers steer clear of harmful wildlife trade;

Disney is a co-sponsor of Project Shark Awareness at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Maybe can expand this project, to Hong Kong? If so, can include info from the scheme, such as:

In most commercial fisheries shark meat is considered of low value and sharks are often discarded at sea rather than landed at port. Their fins on the other hand are worth quite a lot in the Asian shark fin soup market. This has led a number of fishermen to cut the fins off of the sharks as they come aboard and through their bodies back over board. This way they can land the expensive fins, and save room to land more expensive fish. This practice is very wasteful and often times the sharks are finned and returned to sea while still alive, left to die.

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