Reply To: Heung Yee Kuk LegCo motion on Environment


I saw outline of Cheung Hok-ming’s planned presentation to Legco. and was sceptical of plans: overall, I thought that seemed aimed at absolving Heung Yee Kuk of responsibilty for env stewardship, and putting onus on govt.

I feel Heung Yee Kuk should play more of a role in this; to me, HYK can seem to be wholly concerned with money – some moves towards helping our natural environment wouldn’t go amiss. (Maybe here there is chance for start; cf Long Valley, where Kuk position seemed to be that rail bridge should be built whatever [and so, money to landowners])

Forther, govt maybe not really up to running so much conservation. For the sites, individual projects may work better – if well planned, managed.

Hopefully, too, not such vast need for conservation, if can establish projects that can bring revenue at same time as protecting environment, such as decent “eco-tourism” [inc nature, cultural tourism]. But, maybe many in HK – inc Heung Yee Kuk – don’t believe in this; we could use some working examples here, not just having to look outside HK for examples.

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