Reply To: Shark fin soup in Hong Kong updates


Very good to see in today’s S China Morning Post that Hong Kong University will no longer serve shark’s fin soup at banquets. Bit of a surprise this happens only now tho, given anti-shark’s fin soup crusader Brian Darvell is a professor in the HKU dental school.

Sad to see in SCMP that there’s obfuscation from former greenie (well, I’d thought so; she seems less and less green since becoming Secretary for Environment, Transport and Works [yes, all these thrown together]) Sarah Liao:

We support conservation…
We have no plans to remove shark’s fin from [Hong Kong Government] menus yet…

and now, drum roll please, the real gibberish:

We still think that in this part of the world we still haven’t coome to any consensus as to whether we should accept a ban on the consumption of shark’s fin.

So, Sarah, you mean you – the HK Govt – don’t really support conservation after all.

Ah, conservation – so easy to “support”; so hard to do.