Reply To: Kite Surfing in Hong Kong


Hi Gez

Hong Kong is not Maui – you don’t move here for the wind conditions and clean water. That said, you can get enough wind to go kiting enough times of the year to make it worthwhile and I don’t know of anyone yet who got really sick from kiting or sailing in HK waters. Avoiding rubbish floating in the water can also be a amusing aversion on occasion too!

The HK observatory (see link in previous email) has weaterh history so you can get mor statistics on average wind speeds (and perhaps water quality at government beaches as well) if you want to get more precise information.

The good thing about HK is you can get to beaches with local transport – buses and ferries – within a hour of ‘downtown’. No need for a car!

If you want to go somewhere great for kiting, Boracay in the Philipines or Penghu in Taiwan are ‘flights’ away although you will spend the most part of the day getting there.

Happy kiting