just sent this follow-up email to Ms Chow; can but try, eh?!

Dear Ms Chow:

Thank you for meeting Lantau residents, and me, regarding the future of Tung Chung, Lantau – and even Hong Kong tourism (!)

As I hope you will have seen from the Sustainable Development Plan for Lantau, it is not correct to say “greenies” are against economic progress.
Instead – speaking for me at least – opposed to Big Silly Concrete Projects, that maybe masquerade as “development” but can cost far more than they recoup (anyone willing to show us figures for Cyberport?)

The Plan – much as the plan from Loy Ho of the Lantau Post – places great emphasis on tourism on Lantau, making use of existing attractions, many of which are little known.
Would you be interested in visiting some of these places, maybe on a quick tour? If so, please let me know; it should be possible to arrange something.
Best regards,