Reply To: Tamar – HK Govt aesthetics rooted in concrete


from another circular from Christine Loh:

1. DT (=Donald Tsang) wants Tamar: Comments of self-glorification are surfacing since the government cannot justify taking the largest and best piece of land for offices when there are other ways to add space. Government refused to release a 1990s report on in situ expansion. Legislators want it because they can then assess whether spending HK$4.5 billion is truly necessary.

2. Other criticisms emerging: No responsible organisation moves offices without an intensive review of existing space and needs, which has not been done.

3. Is it worth it?: Having lost West Kowloon, is it worth having another punch-up on another poorly thought out project? Some commentators say DT cannot afford to lose Tamar because he already lost West Kowloon, which is strange logic.

4. Express strong government: Does DT think “strong government” needs to be expressed through a large expensive complex?

5. History lessons: Ancient rulers (pharaohs/emperors) built amazing structures to glorify their reigns. Outstanding modern political leaders give their people freedom, equality, democracy, far-sighted policies etc. DT has a choice.