Reply To: Soko Islands will be harmed by ExxonMobil-CLP LNG terminal


Hi Tom:

I think Dr Jefferson is broadly correct re the dolphins (saying LNG terminal won’t have real impact on them, or on finless porpoise): some years ago, I went out on survey boat with him in waters north of Lantau, and judged him a good-excellent scientist. (Around that time, were some over-the-top predictions re the dolphins, such as would not last beyond 1997 or thereabouts; Dr Jefferson’s more level-headed pronouncements proved more accurate.)

But, I still don’t believe the LNG terminal at the Sokos is justified: will be destructive to a still lovely area, with good marine ecology (not just dolphins, tho they are being used as flagship species).
As noted above, there are alternatives; Black Point among them – where there has already been considerable env harm, including power station already in place.
– Can’t really say Dr Jefferson is objective in this regard, ie re merits of LNG terminal itself. I rather felt that his byline should have said something like, “Dr Thomas Jefferson, who has been handsomely paid by ExxonMobil-CLP partnership, which is keen on the Sokos option”.
(If not paid handsomely, too bad: EIA work for developer of project like this should be well rewarded – which for some can mean that objectivity is lost: indeed, the EIA [not section re dolphins] reportedly has artist’s impressions showing LNG tanks looking prominent at Black Point, yet somehow fuzzier and fainter at the Sokos.
It’s a fundamental problem with EIAs, really: funded by wannabe developers, so I think can be tendency for Who Pays the Piper, Calls the Tune. At times, can be horrendously skewed in favour of developments. I write this having done a little EIA work; tried for objectivity.)


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