Reply To: Soko Islands will be harmed by ExxonMobil-CLP LNG terminal


CLP’s partner in this potential environmental crime, ExxonMobil, has been major villain in funding groups befuddling American public over importance of global warming (this month, announced possible changes, so maybe [far] less such funding from now on).

There are several anti-ExxonMobil websites and web pages.
Sites include:
Exxpose Exxon – where you can find plenty of news items, such as titled “Exxon Caught Funding Fake News”
At top of homepage, says:

As one of the world’s most profitable companies, ExxonMobil has the power to move the world toward a more sustainable energy future. Instead, ExxonMobil is consistently moving our country backward on energy by blocking efforts to stop global warming, funding front groups that produce junk science and disinformation about global warming, refusing to invest in renewable energy and lobbying to drill in America’s most sensitive areas.

– hardly seems a company to entrust with future of one of Hong Kong’s finest coastal areas.