Reply To: Hong Kong Wetland Park – wise use of money??


Yesterday, I went to the Wetland Park for first time since it fully opened: went as part of day w friends/family.
Found it weird but not wonderful – I plan to do article on it for this site.

Most flabbergasting of all: shark’s fin soup on offer in the only restaurant there, run by Cafe de Coral. Seems a bunch of boneheads are in charge! How could anyone at Cafe de C figure this is a suitable dish for a conservation site? How could staff of Wetland Park allow it to happen? – are there no conservationists working at the Park?


I wondered if might be fake – after all, seemed completely ridiculous that could buy shark’s fin soup at place with supposed emphasis on wetland conservation.
But Cafe de Coral cheerfully boast about selling shark’s fin, on their website:

Besides our well established menu, Cafˆm de Coral also explores into the realm of the newest tastes. We even introduced luxurious dishes that used to be served only in the most prestigious hotels and high-end dining restaurants, such as our Winter Melon Soup that comes in one-person portion, Shark’s Fin Soup

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