Reply To: Tropical storm heading pretty much for HK


Number Three signal fans rejoice!
– the signal could go up soon, as the trop depression edges closer, and winds likely strengthen, maybe swinging from mainly northerly, to southeasterly.

Still, that’s a long way from having a Number 8 so you can go home from the office; based on Prapiroon, with its sustained spell of winds well over hurricane force at Ngong Ping, need something real severe for that. :whistle:

Red rainstorm warning up, tho judging by radar might get bit of reprieve from heaviest rain. (hah! – I write this and rain worsens; plus it’s near twilight outside, the computer monitor’s glowing brightly by contrast).
Temperature rising, as get transition fron northeast monsoon winds, to circulation within the tropical depression: from 21C at midnight, now surged to almost 25C on Cheung Chau, according to realtime info from the weather station here.

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