Reply To: Global warming, dentists; and is Simon a Cyborg?


Simon Patkin (at least I get the fellow’s name right!) responded to my letter to the SCMP, adding some other info; there was a good, prompt response, and I then sent my own letter (not published), which I hope makes sense without also reproducing SP’s:

Good to see Dave Dearman (letters, 4 October) lambast Simon Patkin for using selective evidence to support his notions there is “Shrill alarmism” regarding climate change. Indeed, use of selective evidence – some of it dubious or downright wrong – is commonplace amongst climate change sceptics.

There is a hard core of such sceptics, who like Senator Inhofe receive significant funding from the energy industry, including ExxonMobil – which was recently criticised by Britain’s Royal Society for supporting organisations that provide “inaccurate and misleading information to the public”. Several of these sceptics were among the 60 signatories of the letter Mr Patkin cited, which was recently sent to the Canadian government, denying the reality of climate change.

Mr Patkin is correct to note that “Ginger Spice” was not among the signatories [of the letter]. However, he neglected to note they included a mathematician who had been tricked into signing, and just 19 of the 60 were Canadian. And it surely slipped Mr Patkin’s notice that the letter was followed by another from 90 scientists who were all Canadian, all climate-change specialists, saying climate change is indeed real, and urging action.

– for sources, see for instance:
Royal Society tells Exxon: stop funding climate change denial
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