Reply To: Wetland Park the env equivalent of Cyberport?


Yes, not many wild birds at the Wetland Park – esp given the megabucks spent on it.
I’m not sure the wetlands organisation that cooperated with the park – Wetland Link International – should be too proud of being involved.

Heard of visitor forecast being exceeded already; but if mostly locals, it’s hardly the supposed big benefit to local tourism that was supposed. (Yes, another project from the Tourism Commission – like the dead trees with grafiti at Ngong Ping on Lantau. They have to do something, I guess.)

Still, let’s see if get upsurge in local wetland conservation efforts, driven by people who’ve been to the park, got inspired there. Plenty of sites need help – Deep Bay’s in trouble, then have other wetlands as at Mui Wo, Shuen Wan, Sham Chung…

Mai Po indeed open. Think that can be around HK$70 if join tours there.
Can get your own permit, if join WWF and HK Birdwatching Soc.

Hope you find the book useful!