Reply To: 2 Day Camping Trip (ADVICE NEEDED)


Hiking from Ma On Shan to Siu Sai Wan is a long hike along Stages 3&2 (M. Trail backwards) and fairly tough with camping gear.
However camping at Siu Sai Wan is great and there is a superb seaside restaurant there, where he can do full English Breakfast..if you bring the ingredients..otherwise the usual. Last time I had to swim out to the boat as someone forgot the eggs…..
There is also a bus that leaves from the Pagoda, nearby. Owner(Tommy?) has timetable and the bus departs back to SaiKung.
Might suggest hiking from Pak Tam Chung/Au over Lok Wu Plateau.
Otherwise consider camping at Long Kei (if you like beaches) or have a good look over the maps and choose any one of numerous campsites. Remember to bring water, gas/stove etc and warm clothing.