Reply To: I’ll introduce myself – waterfall pools explorers wanted


I’ve been meaning to post, note that I believe June is the main month for summer rains.
No shortage of rain this week, so falls should be impressive.
Visiting during/immediately after deluges can be rewarding, tho – I think – only for those falls with easy, safe access to vantage points, like the Bride’s Pool and Mirror Pool falls, and Silvermine Bay fall (lower one; there’s a better, higher fall I’m told, tho less easy to reach).

Sad re demise of Hong Kong Waterfalls website; just googled for ‘”daniel chan” waterfalls’, but no results suggesting he’s started a new site, or put his info elsewhere.

I’ve seen hkadventurer; various outings over tough for me, esp when I’m at times prone to carry camera gear inc tripod; Dragon Ball fall, on Wang Chung Stream, looks a good one – near Bride’s Pool, but a little to south. Revisiting the site, I see they’ve added “Easy Walks”.