Reply To: Open High Island Reservoir Road to cyclists?


More emails have followed, inc:

This is a real concern. I know that the reason some of the District Council members want the barrier down is to open up the reservoir area to (IMHO – unsustainable) tourism. Contrary to what some of the villagers in the Country Park wanted, these guys don’t mind if the barrier is just moved to Tsak Yue Wu because they want to be able to start a number of ventures up Man Yee Road. One of them had the idea of the electric bus – which I think is not a bad idea (I’d rather a regulated electric bus than the taxis that have almost run me over a couple of times while walking along that road) but others were a little wilder.

and, again from Charles Frew:

Please note there is already a regular minibus (white) service from Sai Kung town Centre to the Pagoda/Siu Sai Wan (cost $15). Not sure who runs this or how a permit was obtained? How does WSD regulate permits for these roads?

Having one company controlling the electric buses will certainly curb the traffic from taxis, but to satisfy all user groups, some mode of transport will have to be in place, otherwise objections will be received by WSD, and it only takes one objection for them to close the case and we are back to where we started.
Either all transport is banned (excluding residents), or a regulated shuttle service put in place. Biking could then perhaps be opened up with even a possible mountain biking route around the whole reservoir.