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I’ve been swimming rockpools here since I was a kid in school, and am learning that I know next to nothing. I’m off to a rockpool in Sai Kung this weekend seen by a friend who went deep-sea fishing. He says it’s easy to get to and the best he’s ever seen.
I don’t get to swimming in Lantau much since school (no more summer holidays) and I hate Lantau summer weekends.

Use for placename location finding.
Use for waterfall location finding.

My first ever Lantau swim was on the main southern beach, Cheung Sha. Which runs between Tong Fuk and Cheung Sha village. Halfway along this beach (where the Tung Chung Road comes down the hill to meet the Lantau Road) there is a stream which sometimes flows over the beach, sometimes under it. Walking under the bridge from the beach or taking the path beside the junction next to the bridge you come to a set of pools 10mins walk upstream. They are not spectacular, but very enjoyable especially a few weeks after the summer monsoon (like now dude).
This is my third favourite pool for the simple reason that it incorporates a wonderful beach, a good rockpool, a nice pub, and a good restuarant all within a 10min of each other (the pubs at Tong Fuk and I highly recommend it – does good food too on the weekends. The restuarant in Cheung Sha village at the other end – it’s my favourite HK restuarant).

Use the websites I mentioned to find other pools, they give good descriptions, photos and how to get there.

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