Reply To: mini getaway weekend in hong kong


Hi Joanne – and Simon D (good to have insightful posts like this):

As I live on Cheung Chau, will admit some bias towards it, but the suicides far less common here nowadays. New place, Cheung Chau B&B, by main beach and just couple of mins’ walk from ferry pier, maybe worth considering.
Plenty of guff on the island, inc more on accomm, on another site I’ve started: Cheung Chau HK.

On another thread here, mentioned re Fung Wong Holiday Bungalows in Shui Hau, Lantau, being a fine place to stay. Lies west of Tong Fuk, and lacks restaurants, but good spot.

Tung Ping Chau in Mirs Bay makes v different option; really “away from it all”. Article on this site – under “Places”, where you might find more ideas.

If you try a place or two, Joanne, hope you’ll return and post about them.