Soon after Charlie Frew’s letter (which was published in the SCM Post), get a news item in SCMP, with marine expert Dr Bill Ballantine calling for fishing ban in half of Hong Kong waters.

Ballantine had set up New Zealand’s first marine reserve; became a success, partly as became a no fishing zone.
Quoted in SCMP as saying that allowing fishing in our marine parks was “not just wrong but pathetically silly”.
Also, re marine environment, said degree of damage about proportional to population density and its activities – so “It isn’t really surprising that yours [Hong Kong’s] is just about the worst.”
Suggested halting fishing in around 50% of Hong Kong’s waters.

For all the “worst in the world”, we indeed know that HK marine diversity is high – but populations of fish etc woeful. With protection along lines of reseres Dr Ballantine established in NZ, surely could be huge improvements – and could even help fisheries. But as yet, seems fat chance of such progress!