The letter Charlie F posted above did elicit response, which appeared in today’s SCM Post. By Joseph Sham, for director of agriculture, fisheries and conservation.

Rather bland response, as if repeating corporate type info.
Says we have marine parks and reserves, with management, plus monitoring thro Reef Check surveys, and public education efforts.
– all things that Charlie of course knows very well.

So, no real response re improving management of marine parks, and establishing no take zones. Nothing re the incidents Charlie cited. Nothing re moving towards sustainability. Nothing to really refute Charlie’s assertion that, “On the global stage of marine protection Hong Kong must surely rank at the very bottom.”
And certainly no allusion to Dr Ballantine’s quote in above post re HK having one of world’s worst marine ecosystems!

Nor, indeed, anything re AFCD being in charge of both taking marine life such as fish, and of protecting marine life such as fish: that has to be a tough balancing act.
And in saying reserves help protect species such as Chinese white dolphin, doesn’t note that high-speed ferries still permitted in dolphin areas.

Wonder if Mr Edward Yau will chip in with something more substantial.