Reply To: Camping in Tai Long Wan


This is probably far to late a reply to be of any use. However, could be good to other newbies to hk outdoors. The best way to TLW is to get minibus from Sai Kung (public pier terminus) and get off in the SK Country Park at Pak Tam Au near a pavillion & toilets (Country Series Map grid ref: 2581) There is an eastward bound concrete path alllllllllll the way to the TLW. It can’t be made easier than that! At a good pace you can be there in 45 mins or 1.5 if you’re a stroller. And you get the benefit of an areobic workout on the second half of the journey when the path goes up at Tai Long Au and over the hill down to TLW. There is a convenient pit stop at the bottom for a well earned beer at a local cafe. You can also stock up on your water supplies from here if you’re camping over night saving you walking the weight in. Be prepared – prices are double!

From there you have the choice to either keep heading down to the left over flat marshland, through trees and come out in the middle of Tai Wan beach (3081) or take a right turn opposite to the beer shop/cafe along the new concrete path with railings and over head lighting all the way to Ham Tin (2980) There you will come upon two restaurants.

[There is a small headland that divides Tai Wan & Ham Tin Wan beaches. You can scramble up and over the headland via a well trodden path or take the flat route round the back from the Ham Tin restaurants and behind Tai Wan beach- a prefered surf board hauling route].

Alternatively, you can take minibus or taxi to Wong Shek pier (2583) further on from Pak Tam Au and get a boat for about $100 round to Sha Tau pier to cut out half the walk. However, you still have to do the steep hike over the hill!

If anyone more knowledgible finds this to be in anyway incorrect or misleading corrections most welcome.