Reply To: Donald Tsang bloody big bridges and plastic bag levy


There wasn't much fuss when the Stonecutters Bridge was announced, even though it was to be a major project. Not much re justification for the bridge; the only argument I can recall in its supposed favour was that it would cut travel time from Sha Tin to the airport by 15 mins (wow!).

Looks to me a huge waste, built chiefly to please construction industry that's been clamouring for things to do (maybe the'd be up for the tunnel to Antarctica Jake van der Kamp sometimes moots in the SCM Post: no use save for the supposed economic boost thro simply building the thing). From Highways Dept website:

Stonecutters Bridge is a 1.6 km long dual 3-lane high level cable stayed bridge, with a clear span of 1018 metres. … The Stonecutters Bridge when completed will be one of the longest span cable-stayed bridges in the world.

Here's a recent shot of southern end of the partly built bridge, rather obscured by smog – which the bridge traffic will contribute to, esp as it's for road not rail. [img][/img]