Reply To: Waterfront Bike Ride 25 Nov 2007


With around 100 cyclists, Sunday’s ride was a great start to the campaign to create a waterfront cycle path on Hong Kong island.

We kept as close as possible to the coastline, which wasn’t always very close as access to our harbour for ordinary people, including cyclists, is blocked by such inappropriate land use as truck parks, refuse processing centres, and of course the Island Eastern Barrier.

Taking part were old and young, racing and touring people, commuters, folding bicycles, a group of cyclists passing through Hong Kong from Northern China, some young lads on low-hung ‘street’ bikes who’d not joined any organised cycling activity before, along with our super-efficient escort of eight police motorcycle outriders.

Now Ho Loy will take this proposal forward, liaising with the planning authorities. This design competition from ‘Designing Hong Kong’ offers some options.

Check out these photos from Waterfront bike ride.