Reply To: Severe Tropical Storm Fengshen heads towards Hong Kong


Here on Cheung Chau, I was woken around 6, by noise of wind n rain – no glow in the sky at all, just dark and very windy.

I’ve seen some very impressive forecasts of tropical storm tracks; but here, indeed proved well wide of the mark – I’d also seen re Fengshen forecast to head up eastern Philippines, and onwards to north.
I also have an impression that successive storms can follow similar paths; will be interesting to see if happens again this time

fengshenHere’s shot from our place, around 6am

Here, from southern Cheung Chau, mid morning.


Here’s some video, showing Cheung Chau beach as Fengshen approached on 24th; then wind n rain soon after dawn on 25th, soon after the centre of the storm passed roughly over Cheung Chau, and surf in inlet along southern Cheung Chau mid-morning on 25th.