Reply To: Urgently need your support to save the natural beauty of the Old Peak Road, The Peak


VLeung: I just saw your posting. I have resided on Old Peak Road for over 11 years and have complained repeatedly to the Transport Department regarding installation of a large number of traffic signs (including large arrow signs) at Old Peak Road since July 2008. Please contact me to discuss this matter as I did not know there were other Old Peak Road residents who are unhappy about this issue. And you are correct–the Transport Department has no supporting statistics to show that Old Peak Road is dangerous. In fact, at the top of Old Peak Road where the large arrow signs have been installed, the Transport Department has admitted to me that there has never been a traffic accident in this area. Transport is concerned that Old Peak Road is one of the "steepest" roads in Hong Kong, and in order to protect public safety, a large number of traffic signs have been installed. Melanie Moore