Reply To: Shrinking country parks ok with government


From WWF Hong Kong:

The government is now proposing to turn 5 hectares of the Clear Water Bay Country Park into a landfill site, without compensation for the loss of protected land area. As Country Parks are now facing increasing development pressure, WWF urges the Environment Bureau to adopt a policy of ‘No-Net-Loss" for Protected Areas when considering any major development that may trespass on individual Country Parks.

A "No-Net-Loss" policy means that if part of a Country Park is developed for exceptional reasons, the boundary of the park must be re-drawn to include a new area of similar size and ecological value. The current absence of a compensation policy means that it could be acceptable for Country Parks in desirable areas to be completely developed over time, devastating our enviable and valuable park system.

Please write to the Secretary for the Environment at [email protected] to advocate a "No-Net-Loss" for Protected Areas policy and show that you care for Hong Kong’s green landscape!