Reply To: Visit Tai O 28 Mar 08 and help protect area


Just sent this in email re above:

I’m a birdwatcher; made several visits to Tai O over the years.

The mangroves presently support rather few birds.

As I recall, there was more open water in the past, just inland of the big new mangrove lagoon (with the boardwalk): now more overgrown with reeds and mangroves.

So, for birds and wildlife, I believe the best thing is habitat improvements: more open water, maybe some exposed mud that’s rich in small life so attracts birds, and so on.

No real need for boardwalks, hide at present; might add some signage re birds to be seen.

Recreating salt pans has always seemed an odd idea to me.

Could be better for birds: salt pans can be excellent for birds such as waders (sandpipers and similar birds).

BUT surely salt pans are hard to maintain; real tough work, including in hot sun. I’ve never really understood idea that anyone would really want to do this work, unless good money.

So, I’d wonder if these are ideas from idiots!