Reply To: Getting lost on “semi-official” trails – Fei Ngo Shan


I sent Ben, the poster of comment, email:

Did the trail have colour code on countryside series map? – codes can indicate importance of trails, inc those that may be less maintained.  "small pieces of tissue" not official; are some trails done by explorer types

He replied:

No, it was not an "official trail" such as Wilson, Mclehose or HK trail. On the country trail maps, it is actually referenced with black dotted line.

I usually find those trails much more interesting and I myself totally understand the potential difficulties that we can encounter hiking on those paths. I was just wondering whether those paths were actually maintained by government people or just by individuals who like the mountain like us…  I am planning on my side to go back there and try to add some additional "tissues" and I wanted to let the people in charge (if any) know but from your response, I understand that there is no such people….

I sent follow-up reply, to effect that must take extra care on such minor yet "interesting" trails