Just curious, what is required to make Sham Chung a national park? How can you obtain the funds to improve the village homes into something a bit more respectable? I am all up for changing the Sham Chung into national park but how would you persuade the villagers to change their minds especially the elders? The problem is most of the villagers that fled the land had to emigrate oversea to make end meat to support and raise their family. When the Sai Hung Kai opportunity came along, they see it as a lottery win. Kerching!! My father is one of those villagers who had survive a lot of hardship in the UK. I imagine it will be the same for the rest of the villagers. How would you change their mindset? For me I would like to see the land to be converted into national park than watching a couple of ponzy b*****ds playing golf. The problem is I don’t have a say in this matter. If WWF and greenpeace really want to change this into a national park, they would have to provide some sort of funding to improve the housing in the area but the only problem is trying persuade the older generation who are mainly after a big paycheck. The only thing I can think of is to target the younger generation but the problem they are all disperse around the world.