Reply To: Unnecessary railings and wall plans for Old Peak Road


More plans are afoot for Old Peak Road, and again Vivian Leung is rallying against them; from an email from her:

As reported in yesterday’s edition of the South China Morning Post (shortened version of article attached), the Transport Department and Central & Western District Council (CWDC) will move forward to build stone walls on Old Peak Road Path. It is likely that the proposal will be supported by the District Councilors, despite objections of 95% of the respondents to a survey conducted by the Home Affairs Department.

The issue will be discussed again on 11 November at 2:35 pm at the next CWDC meeting.  We plan to protest against the proposal and make a presentation to the District Councilors.  From the past we know that the presence of protestors makes a difference, so we would  urge you to attend. The meeting will be held at the 14/F Conference Room, Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central, Hong Kong.

If you cannot come to the meeting, please write to the District Councilors and the Transport Department to express your views (form attached below)

And from another email, three days ago:

We are proud to inform you that Transport Department has given up its project to build 317 metres of railings project on Old Peak Road Path.

But, now Transport Department has again submitted a proposal to build stone walls on Old Peak Path to the Central and Western District Council (CWDC) for support.  We further understand that CWDC supports Transport Department’s stone wall proposal and will move forward with the project, despite receiving 525 objections (95 per cent) out of 556 replies from its prior consultation about building stone walls on the Path.  Transport Department is seeking support from CWDC in a meeting scheduled on 11 November.

Transport Department still wishes to protect us from falling down the slopes, despite that fact that not a single accident has ever been reported on Old Peak Path.  Rather, Transport Department says the walls will be for avoiding a similar accident that occurred on 5 September when an old lady fell over a three metre slope in Lionrock.

Please refer to the attached proposal details and photos of the locations where stone walls proposed.

Once again, we need to work together to fight for the Path in its original condition with no more barrier and save the public’s money.  Please write to the District Councilors and the Transport Department your views