Reply To: Unnecessary railings and wall plans for Old Peak Road


From the govt:

"Transport Department is aware that there are different views on the proposal, including those put forth by conservation groups. During the past 15 months, Transport Department has explored different options (e.g. erecting dwarf stonewall of about 2.5 ft in height or planting some trees along the edge of the road), in consultation with the Traffic and Transport Committee of the Central & Western District Council (C&W DC), with a view to striking a balance between safety and conservation.  The consultation process is continuing.  Transport Department will continue to exercise our professional judgment, while taking into account local views (including the C&W DC), as well as those of conservation groups, in taking forward this project.

Transport Department's aim is to arrive at a solution which will better ensure the safety of users of the road, while meeting the concern of conservation.

Thank you for bringing this matter to Transport Department attention."