Reply To: Hong Kong Disneyland shark fin soup controversy


    See, thats what im talkin bout – self-serving bias. You flippantly brush off others opinions as silly and ignorant just because they run differently from yours. If you were so well-informed yourself, you would have known that shark fin soup dates back to the Ming dynasty and not just “Chinese culture of any antiquity”. Its not only for “elites” but is also a signature dish at Chinese weddings and important occasion. For the Chinese, serving shark fin soup is a form of respect and honour to their guests. The fin may be tasteless, but food aint all about taste. texture is a huge component too. Shark farming as an idea is not original, but that does not mean I have to pass it off as a solution. If so, all the above comments can be deleted, people have brought them up before, where’s the originality? Before rashly brushing off opinions different from yours, please have the sense to consider all angles.